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Rudy And Hillary Are Bickering

New Yrok Mayor Rudolph Giuliani took expected Senate rival Hillary Rodham Clinton to task Wednesday for embracing "old-fashioned, classical left-wing thinking" as she prepares for her first-time run for office.

The mayor said his approach was "a more progressive way of looking at things" that has "made government, particularly in New York City, much more accountable."

"I think all throughout this campaign you're going to see a big philosophical difference," the mayor said during an interview with Albany's WROW-AM radio.

Meanwhile, the Clinton campaign trumpeted a published report that Giuliani is appealing to fans of conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh for money, a new tidbit about the mayor's use of conservative-oriented mailing lists to help finance his campaign.

According to a statement from Mrs. Clinton's campaign team, Giuliani "is raising millions of dollars with hate-filled appeals to a nationwide network of far-right donors."

The moves appeared designed to paint the two Senate rivals into extreme ideological corners.

Mrs. Clinton's campaign spokesman, Howard Wolfson, said, "Hillary is a new Democrat who supports balanced budgets, tax cuts and the death penalty."

For his part, Giuliani's support for abortion and gay rights and strict gun-control measures has often left him at odds with conservatives.

Giuliani's comments came after he was asked about attacks on his policies of jailing the homeless who refuse to get off the streets and of pressing a plan that could remove children from welfare recipients who refuse to work.

The mayor has said he wants to find jobs and help for those on welfare and on the streets.

"Being dependent on the government does not get you out of poverty," he said.

On the money front, the weekly New York Observer reported that Giuliani was using mailing lists that included one comprised of people who bought ties and other articles of clothing from Limbaugh's "No Boundaries" collection. The newspaper said other lists being used by Giuliani were made up of people opposed to abortion, gay rights and using any language other than English in schools.

The Observer broke the story last week that Giuliani was using conservative fund-raising guru Richard Viguerie to help with direct mail appeals to people who might want to keep Hillary Clinton out of the Senate.

There was no immediate comment from the mayor's campaign about the latest report.

On Wednesday, Mrs. Clinton was in Florida, raising money for her expected Senate bid while Giuliani was headed for a fund-raising event hosted by a group of Philadelphia-area business executives and featuring Republican Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania.

Neither Mrs. Clinton nor Giuliani has formally entered the Senate race although both have been raising money and campaigning for months. She is set tofficially declare her candidacy on Feb. 6.

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