Rudolph On FBI Most-Wanted List

Eric Rudolph will finally make it to the FBI's top ten most-wanted list because federal agents have come to a troubling conclusion: they think he's not only alive and still on the loose somewhere in North Carolina, but that he's also still making bombs. CBS News Correspondent Jim Stewart reports.

What has troubled agents most in this manhunt is that despite diligent searches of Rudolph's abandoned truck and several past residences, they've found no trace of the tools a bombmaker would need, leading some to believe that Rudolph still has them.

That worry has prompted agents to not only promote Rudolph into the top ten, but also to increase the reward for his capture tenfold to an even $1 million.

Rudolph is officially wanted in connection with a Birmingham, Ala., abortion clinic blast that killed an off-duty officer and wounded a nurse. But federal agents will be joined tomorrow by Atlanta officials who'll make it clear he's wanted for questioning about a series of bombings there as well.

FBI Director Louie Freeh has also taken a more personal interest in the case lately, recently flying to North Carolina to give agents a pep talk.

Agents hope that the beefed-up reward and added publicity will generate more leads because, they admit, they've run out of clues.

Investigators say they haven't received any communication from Rudolph, and that they don't know of anyone who has and there have been no credible sightings of the bombing suspect.

They have, however, received an unusual communication from members of Rudolph's immediate family, according to one source. The family members wanted to know if they were eligible for the $1 million reward. The answer was, yes.

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