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Rudolph Charged In More Bombings

The Justice Department is charging Eric Rudolph with bombings at the 1996 Olympic Games, as well as at an Atlanta abortion clinic and a nightclub.

Attorney General Janet Reno, accompanied at a news conference by FBI Director Louis Freeh, said the criminal complaint charging Rudolph with the Olympic blast and the 1997 bombings of a gay bar and an abortion clinic was being filed with a federal court.

"Eric Rudolph is on the run," Reno said. "We are going to keep searching until we find him and we are not going to rest until we bring him to justice."

Freeh said Rudolph "now is charged with six bombings," including the three in Atlanta.

"The gravity of these offensives is reflected, first of all, in the indiscriminate nature of the attacks," he said. "The investigation has been one of the largest conducted by the federal government. We will pursue this case obviously as a matter of top law enforcement priority. These cases require a lot of work, a lot of dedication, a lot of patience."

In connection with the news conference, federal authorities released a new picture of Rudolph one they said they believe represents how he looked at the time of the bombings in Centennial Park during the Atlanta Olympic Games.

One of the FBI's 10 most wanted fugitives, Rudolph already was being sought by state and federal law enforcement authorities in connection with a bombing at an Alabama abortion clinic that killed an off-duty police officer and severely injured a nurse.

However, the suspected bomber has so far eluded police, who have spent months searching for him in the mountainous wilderness of western North Carolina.

The Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta killed one person and injured more than 100.

Both Reno and Freeh appealed to the public for assistance in apprehending Rudolph, who is thought to be hiding out in North Carolina.

"We hope anyone who sees this man will contact us immediately," the attorney general told reporters, saying authorities had worked for more than two years to solve "these heinous crimes."

Rudolph was placed on the FBI's Most Wanted List last May, and a $1 million reward was offered, based on earlier charges that he bombed a Birmingham, Ala., abortion clinic Jan. 29. Rudolph was last seen Jan. 30 near his home in North Carolina, where his truck was abandoned.

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