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Royal Headlines Go To The Dogs

It's been a frosty holiday for Britain's royal family, not because of the weather, but because of what happened when they gathered at Sandringham.

In case you haven't heard the news, which was plastered all over the British papers: one of Princess Anne's big bull terriers, Dotty, savaged one of the Queen's corgis. The poor little dog had to be put down the next day, CBS News Correspondent Tom Fenton reports.

The Queen has had corgis all her life. And as every royal watcher knows, they rate high in the palace pecking order.

Royal watcher and columnist, Victoria Mather, says, "I think the queen has a much closer relationship with her corgis than she does with her children."

On the other hand, Princess Anne's bull terriers - a bit like their mistress - invite respect rather than affection.

Mather notes, "I think she, too, loved her dogs. And isn't it extraordinary how those hideous bull terriers look exactly like the princess: royal, that rather fierce, curved, nosy face."

Last year, Princess Anne was summonsed to court and fined more than $800 after another of her bull terriers attacked two boys on bikes.

It has all been a huge embarrassment for the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals. Their patron is Princess Anne.

RSPCA spokesperson Ann Grain, says, "This is an issue between a mother and daughter on private land. And no one's asked for our advice."

Things haven't been helped by the very latest news - that the same bull terrier that killed the queen's corgi has now attacked one of the queen's housemaids. The maid was treated for a bite on the knee, and Princess Anne's dog will undergo what the palace calls "behavioral retraining."

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