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Royal baby? You can bet on it

Who's cashing in on the royal pregnancy? Betting shops.

Punters (bettors) in Britain have a range of possible wagers from betting agencies William Hill, Ladbrokes and Paddy Power. Odds as of Tuesday morning:

Multiple Birth?

Paddy Power: Twins: 8-1; Triplets 100-1; Quadruplets or more 500-1

How Big?

Paddy Power: Under 5 pounds, 5-1; 6 pounds to 6 pounds 15 ounces, 7-2

Name of Baby

Paddy Power: Catherine 20-1, Diana 9-1, William 16-1, Britney 500-1

Ladbrokes: Catherine 16-1, Diana 12-1, Charles 10-1, Arsene 500-1


Ha ha. As in Arsene Wenger, coach of Arsenal FC soccer team. Anyway, Prince William supports Aston Villa.

Will Baby be a Vogue Cover Model Before 18?

William Hill: 33-1

Will Baby Become Pro Soccer Star?

William Hill: 1,000-1

And One Final Thought:

"Everybody has got a chance to experience it in their own way, right down to the fact of betting on the names - is it going to be Frances or James or Baby Gaga?" said royal historian Robert Lacey.

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