Rough Landing In Miami

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More than 100 passengers and crew members escaped using inflatable slides from a U.S. Airways jet after two tires blew out upon arrival, causing a small landing gear fire, officials said.

No one was hurt and the flames were quickly extinguished, fire officials said.

The flight from Charlotte, North Carolina, landed at Miami International Airport around 1:35 p.m. Thursday carrying 113 passengers and five crew members, airline spokesman Morgan Durrant said. Durrant said a small fire ignited on one of the blown-out tires.

Miami-Dade Fire Lt. Elkin Sierra called the fire "quite dangerous," because the plane was still carrying a large fuel load.

Passenger Jenna Kettenburg, 25, said that the landing was normal at first but suddenly became rough.

"It was real jagged and shaky," she said. The plane's oxygen masks came down and passengers were told to evacuate on the slides.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue personnel assisted adults and small children slide down the escape chutes from the 737's exits. Passengers left carry-on luggage aboard and stood on grass along the runway, watching the flames.

There was no indication in the air that anything was wrong with the tire, said U.S. Airways spokesman Morgan Durrant.