Roseanne: I'd Pay Monica To Talk

Fledgling talk-show host Roseanne offered Thursday night to pay Monica Lewinsky more than $1 million to appear on her new daytime TV show.

Roseanne made the offer on CNN's Larry King Live, two days after top-rated TV talk show host Oprah Winfrey announced she had refused to pay for an interview with Lewinsky.

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Winfrey issued a statement Tuesday - and made a public announcement on her show - saying that she was not interested in interviewing Lewinsky for money. "I have now taken myself officially out of the running, and I no longer want the interview," Winfrey said.

Representatives for Lewinsky reportedly asked about future international rights to any videotaped interview, which Winfrey decided was an effort to profit from it.

But Roseanne said money was no problem for her, or King World Productions, which distributes The Roseanne Show to major media markets.

"We'll pay her big...cause I think it's really important," said Roseanne. "King World is prepared to offer her seven figures to come on my show.... Yeah, I'll pay for her... seven figures, times two or three.

The actress said she understands journalists' reluctance to pay for an interview with the former White House intern who had an affair with President Clinton, but said those rules don't apply to her since she doesn't consider herself a journalist.

"I don't feel like I'm a journalist," she said. "Fortunately for me, I have no integrity."

Roseanne's talk show, which debuted Sept. 14, is her first major TV project since her hit sitcom Roseanne ended its nine-year run in May 1997. Her new syndicated weekday program is carried by more than 150 stations.

Responding to rumors that ABC News' Barbara Walters was also seeking to land the first interview with Lewinsky, ABC spokeswoman Eileen Murphy said the network would not pay money to any interview subject.