Rosario Dawson's "Descent" Premieres

Rosario Dawson was screaming, "I love New York!," to reporters at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of "Descent" Thursday night in midtown Manhattan.

The Gotham native — who is also producer of the film — walked the red carpet alongside co-stars Chad Faust, Marcus Patrick, Vanessa Ferlito, and Nicole Vicius.

Cast and crew discussed the provocative film's plot line about a young college student who is raped and offered the chance to settle the score with her attacker.

Director Talia Lugacy told "I've never seen a film demand this much from their actors... I'm so proud of them."

Mobbed by reporters, Dawson, when asked about future plans, said, "I speak Klingon." The starlet is apparently working on a new comic book series, led by a female superhero.
By Muni S. Jaitly