Ron Kronenberger Update: Ohio landlord accused of another whipping

Ron Kronenberger, an Ohio landlord previously accused of whipping his tenant for falling behind on rent, is now accused of whipping another man

(CBS/AP) WAYNESVILLE, Ohio - Ronald Kronenberger, an Ohio landlord accused of whipping an adult tenant with a belt on his bare buttocks for falling behind on his rent, has been accused of whipping another man with a belt and a paddle.

In a lawsuit filed in southwest Ohio's Warren County on Tuesday, Mark Neace accuses Kronenberger of spanking him on four occasions while Neace worked as a volunteer in Kronenberger's grocery store in Waynesville.

The lawsuit, which describes Neace as mentally disabled, says the whippings caused him "severe emotional distress."

Kronenberger's attorney, Lawrence Greger, declined to comment.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages.

In January, the 53-year-old Kronenberger was charged with hitting a former tenant on the buttocks with a belt in a dispute over more than $2,000 in overdue rent.

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