Ron Howard to direct film about Jay-Z's festival

Jay-Z, Ron Howard.
Jay-Z, Ron Howard

(CBS News) Jay-Z's first-ever music festival will have a second life in a film directed by Ron Howard.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Howard is behind a movie about this weekend's two-day event in Philadelphia dubbed "Made in America," which will feature performances by Jay-Z, Run-DMC, Drake, Skrillex, Odd Future and Janelle Monae, among others.

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Howard said the festival documentary will be "a reflection of the fabric of what it means to be 'Made in America' - what the festival represents, why Jay is doing it and how he relates to each artist."

The director has teamed with Academy Award-winning producer Brian Grazer for the project, which Grazer says will "be born through Jay-Z's perspective, how he puts the event together and creates this musical event that defies all genres."

Grazer told Rolling Stone he plans to attend the festival so he can "help define the film's perspective."

Howard and Grazer's 2007 film, "American Gangster," about a Harlem drug lord, inspired Jay-Z's album of the same name.

The film is expected out in 2013.