Ron And The Giant Blimp

Ron Paul may be the only presidential candidate whose supporters get as much press as he does.

A 200-foot long blimp encouraging people to "Google Ron Paul," which was paid for by Paul supporters and is not affiliated with his campaign, is presently flying over North Carolina, according to the Associated Press. It "is scheduled to float up the East Coast past major cities," the AP reports.

The blimp marks just the latest example of a Ron Paul initiative that didn't come from Ron Paul. On just one day – November 5th – Paul supporters, in an independent initiative, raised more than $4 million for the presidential campaign of the Libertarian-leaning Republican congressman from Texas.

In the most recent CBS News/New York Times poll, Paul earned the support of 4 percent of Republican primary voters. But despite that relatively small figure, Paul's supporters are unusually passionate and internet savvy, and the candidate, who favors smaller government and opposes the Iraq war, has a disproportionately strong online presence.