Romney Will Run Ads In Super Tuesday States

Last night we noted that Mitt Romney had yet to buy any advertising in Super Tuesday states. Today comes word that he will: CBS News confirms that the Romney campaign is making a "significant ad buy" in California and other Super Tuesday states. The price tag is in the seven figure range, and the governor's decision to make the buy was made this morning.

Romney has spent perhaps $40 million of his own money on his campaign. Coming off losses to John McCain in Florida and South Carolina, the former Massachusetts governor has been debating how much money to invest in advertising before Super Tuesday. Had Romney elected not to advertise, it would have sent a signal that he did not believe he had a legitimate chance at beating out McCain for the GOP nomination.

The Associated Press notes that Romney is worth up to $250 million. He has said that he and his wife have agreed on a cap on personal spending, though he has not said what it is.