Romney: Washington Spending Is "Out Of Control"

From CBS News' Scott Conroy:

WEST COLUMBIA, S.C. -- After a brief rally in front of about 75 people at a small airfield in West Columbia, Mitt Romney assailed the new House spending bill.

"I think like a lot of Americans, I was surprised to see a bill come out of the House with 9,000 earmarks," Romney said to reporters. "It also has a $20 billion increase year over year, excluding the money for Afghanistan and military purposes … I think this is another example of Washington out of control in terms of its spending, and I think that the need for the line item veto could not be more clear."

Romney has in the recent past criticized Rudy Giuliani for fighting to eliminate the line item veto.

CBS News correspondent Bill Whitaker asked Romney about recent polls that have shown Mike Huckabee enjoys the support of a sizable percentage of evangelicals in South Carolina. Romney said that most people will choose their candidate based on his "values and vision" rather than his faith alone.

"Now there may be some people who take a different approach, but that's gonna be the distinct minority—a tiny slice of America," Romney said.

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