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Romney Uses The "B-Word"…No, Not That One

From CBS News' Scott Conroy:

Des Moines, Iowa -- Mitt Romney was so fired up as he spoke to a raucous crowd of over 800 people in West Des Moines tonight that he let an expletive slip through his lips—an expletive for him, that is.

"When I watch John Edwards from time to time get up and talk about two Americas," Romney said. "I'm tempted to—well, offer an expletive like, 'Baloney!'"

The former Massachusetts governor then chuckled to himself, as if he understood that most parents in the crowd probably wouldn't make their children throw a quarter in the swear jar for using the word "baloney."

Former speed skater Dan Jansen introduced Romney, and the gold medalist recalled a conversation he had with a reporter before the 2002 Winter Olympics, at a time when the games were mired in debt and scandal and Romney had just taken over the reins. The reporter asked Jansen why he was so confident that the games would be a success.

"Without hesitation again, I looked him in the eye and said, 'Because I just met Mitt Romney,'" Jansen said.

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