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Romney To Obama: Stay Out Of Insurance Biz

5062173Mitt Romney has some advice for President Obama: Don't get into the insurance business.

The former Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts governor offered his insight on the president's health care reform plan in an exclusive interview with The Early Show Wednesday.

As governor, Romney helped the state achieve a form of near-universal health care, though he emphasized that his plan did not involve the government becoming the source of insurance for state residents. "That's a mistake," Romney said, alluding to Mr. Obama's plan, who is trying to extend health benefits for more than 50 million uninsured Americans.

A recent CBS/New York Times poll reports 50 percent think the government would be better than insurance companies at providing medical coverage.

Romney, vehemently disagreed. "It's the wrong way to go," he said.

The former GOP presidential hopeful also applauded Mr. Obama's latest comments on Iran in which he said he was appalled at the regime's treatment of protesters. Romney said he was glad he finally did "rise to the occasion."

You can watch the full video of Romney below, which follows a report on yesterday's press conference:

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