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Romney supporters highlight candidate's Mormonism

(CBS News) A small grassroots group of Mitt Romney supporters is putting the expected Republican presidential nominee's Mormonism front and center in Utah, where BuzzFeed has reported Romney's campaign slogan of "Believe in America" has been replaced by "Choose the Right."

"Choose the Right," a motto taken from a Mormon hymn, urges its followers to act righteously. The chorus of the hymn reads as follows.

Choose the right! Choose the right!
Let wisdom mark the way before.
In its light, choose the right!
And God will bless you evermore.

While Romney doesn't regularly publicly discuss his Mormon beliefs, the phrase, abbreviated CTR in the Mormon community, can be found all over the organization's website, The website's store has bumper stickers, buttons and wrist bands, all with the motto either under or next to the candidates name.

"We sought a slogan that would simply but directly capture our message and be the focus of our cause," one of the group's leaders, Stephen Steele, told BuzzFeed in an email."While we considered other possibilities, 'Choose the Right,' a phrase familiar to our faith and upbringing, made sense; simple but direct."

Although the group's "about" page notes it is "unaffiliated with the Romney Campaign," the website's color scheme and logo are almost identical to Romney's official campaign site.

In May, Romney spoke at Liberty University, where The Washington Post noted the former Massachusetts governor spoke deeply about faith but made no mention of his Mormonism.

The Romney campaign did not immediately return a request for comment.

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