Romney & Ryan: The first interview

One day after choosing Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate, presidential candidate Mitt Romney and Rep. Ryan sit down for an interview with CBS News' Bob Schieffer

Bob Schieffer: You made a point of praising Gov. Romney for his accomplishments as governor of Massachusetts and at Bain Capital. I'm just going to put you on the spot here.

Paul Ryan: OK.

Bob Schieffer: Did you think he's been too defensive about Bain Capital--

Paul Ryan: No, not at all.

Bob Schieffer: --and as--

Paul Ryan: No, I think--

Bob Schieffer: --his role of governor of Massachusetts?

Paul Ryan: What I see happening is the president has a terrible record so he can't run on that. He didn't moderate his positions whatsoever throughout his term, so he doesn't really have much to run on, so he's gonna try and run on these distractions. He's going to try and divide people to distract people to what-- try and win this election and that's why these attacks against a record that is outstanding. It's a record of creating businesses and turning around struggling businesses. That's what we want to see happen throughout the country because it creates more jobs, it creates better take home pay, it gives people better futures. Why wouldn't we want a leader like that who knows how to make those kinds of executive decisions in the White House to help us turn this economy around.

Bob Schieffer: What will be Congressman Ryan's role if indeed you are elected and he is vice president? Will you send him up to the Hill? Will you put him in charge of certain things?

Mitt Romney: Well, I anticipate that there will be certain areas that are his areas of expertise and he has passion and concern there. That he'll actually take a lead role in helping oversee those areas and maybe some cabinet officers who will work primarily with the vice president. But he would also have a role in helping shepherd legislation on the Hill. Of course, you have a legislative affairs director that takes that kind of lead as well, but you can't imagine having someone like Paul Ryan, who's been able to work with Democrat senators, Democrat members of the House as well as Republicans, been able to make things happen there. I can't imagine not using him. And to have his skill in finding those people that can come together and find common ground, despite differing views on issues. This is one of the key reasons I've selected him. Is that he has that unusual, almost a unique capacity to find people of different parties who are of a common purpose that can come together to do something that's right for the county.

Bob Schieffer: Congressman, what's happened to Capitol Hill? Congress cannot seem to get anything done anymore. Even when there are things that both seem to want to do, they can't seem to find a way to--

Paul Ryan: It's the worst--

Bob Schieffer: --get it done.