Romney hits six states in final hours of campaign

The fight to win Ohio; Would-be marathon runners raced to help Sandy victims
Ohio is a crucial swing state currently worth 18 electoral votes. So far, an estimated 30 percent of registered voters have cast their ballot; And, although New York's marathon had been cancelled. Runners came to the starting line in storm-ravaged Staten Island; Also, young people in China are eager to know who will be America's next president.

(CBS News) Gov. Mitt Romney embarked on his final campaign push over the weekend, stopping in six states in 48 hours to maximize his face time with voters.

Reporting from the campaign trail on Monday, CBS News' Jan Crawford said the Romney campaign is projecting confidence, with the candidate committing time on Sunday to the typically Democratic-leaning swing state of Pennsylvania.

Romney told a crowd in Morrisville, Pa., "The people of America understand we're taking back the White House because we're going to win Pennsylvania."

For more from Crawford on the campaign trail, watch the video above.