Romney Almost Makes KFC Healthy

From CBS News' Scott Conroy:

LAKELAND, FLA. -- When we were told that Mitt Romney would eat at Kentucky Fried Chicken for lunch today, the traveling press corps was a bit confused. The former Massachusetts governor we know is a health nut who jogs a few times a week and looks incredibly fit for a 60-year-old man.

But there he was, chopping on his fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, beans and a biscuit, although Romney made sure to take the skin off the chicken.

"I feel sorry for you guys though," he said to the media horde that had gathered in front of his table. "I get to eat. You have to watch me eat."

It was a bit awkward standing there with our cameras focused in on the governor as our stomachs growled, but it offered Romney a chance to show off a less buttoned-down side.

Asked what kind of music he likes, Romney mentioned the song "Ahead of My Time" by the modern Swedish band Teddybears. But he said that his iPod leans heavily on the '60s and '70s, including Roy Orbison and The Eagles.

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