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Romney Ad Hits Huckabee

In response to Mike Huckabee's surge in the polls, Mitt Romney is hitting the airwaves tomorrow to counter Huckabee on the immigration issue.

According to the Romney campaign, the ad will air only in Iowa for now.

It starts out by talking about their similarities as anti-abortion former governors but takes a sharp turn and goes after Huckabee illegal immigration.

Romney campaign spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom tells CBS News' Scott Conroy: "Mitt Romney has a record as governor opposing illegal immigration. Mike Huckabee has a different record of supporting discounted tuition benefits and amnesty for illegal immigrants. We think it's fair to point out those differences."

The ad's script:

MITT ROMNEY: I'm Mitt Romney and I approved this message.

ANNOUNCER: Two former governors…two good family men…

Both pro-life…both support a constitutional amendment protecting traditional marriage…

The difference?

Mitt Romney stood up, and vetoed in-state tuition for illegal aliens…opposed driver's licenses for illegals.

Mike Huckabee? Supported in-state tuition benefits for illegal immigrants.

Huckabee even supported taxpayer-funded scholarships for illegal aliens.

On immigration, the choice matters.