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Roller coaster built to show home at open house, on The Feed!

Roller coaster built to show home at open hou... 01:53

Some of the latest and greatest viral videos include a floating screwdriver magic trick, a tiny robot stitching a grape, a boar in a children's shop and selling a home with a roller coaster ride.

First up, GeneralChaos1756 shared this video of a floating screwdriver "magic" trick. With the help of an air compressor, the tool hovers in one spot. It may not be the best of illusions, but it's entertaining nonetheless.

Watch as the tiny robotic arms of the da Vinci Single-Site Wristed Needle Drive surgical system sew shut the wounds of an injured grape.

In this video, a Hong Kong shopping mall has an unexpected guest drop in -- literally. A 55-pound wild boar wanders inside, busts through the ceiling of a children's clothing store and runs amok.

And, Verder met Wonen posted this video of perhaps the most clever sales gimmick of all time -- a Netherlands real estate broker looking to help sell a home builds a roller coaster for prospective buyers to take a tour.

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