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Rogue emu captured after 60 days on the run in Delaware

ODESSA, Del. -- An emu whose escape more than 60 days ago prompted lockdowns at two Delaware elementary schools has been captured.

Daniel Shortridge, a spokesman for the state Department of Agriculture, was quoted by The News-Journal of Wilmington as saying that private parties and state officials netted the flightless bird Thursday afternoon at the Stonefield housing development near Odessa.

Dan Stonebraker, co-owner of 3 Palms Petting Zoo in Clayton, said the bird was put in a trailer and will be moved to a secure facility.

The runaway emu was spotted Monday near Spring Meadow Elementary School and Old State Elementary School, leading to a "soft lockdown" at both schools.

Over the past week, authorities have received a growing number of calls from people who had spotted the bird or come close to hitting it.

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