Rodman Charges Dropped

Battery charges filed against Dennis Rodman and actress Carmen Electra after a night of partying in South Beach clubs ended in a fight at a hotel, have been dropped.

Attorney Roy Black said Monday that the fight was a disagreement "typical of what happens between a married couple."

"This simply wasn't a crime, but because of their celebrity, everyone took notice," he said.

Rodman and Electra were charged with simple battery, a misdemeanor, after the fight Nov. 5 in which both received minor injuries.

Officers were called to the Miami Beach hotel where they were staying after receiving reports of screaming and fighting. Rodman's shirt was torn and the room was in disarray when officers arrived.

Electra had a bruise on her arm, an injury to her left temple and a swollen lip when Rodman allegedly threw her purse at her face. She also cut a toe on her left foot after being thrown outside the hotel room the two were sharing, according to the police report.

Rodman and Electra were arrested and later released on $2,500 bail each after several hours in custody.

In addition to prosecutors dismissing the charges, the judge vacated an order for Rodman and Electra to stay away from each other, Black said.

While in custody, Rodman, a seven-time NBA rebounding champion who has played for the Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, San Antonio Spurs and Detroit Pistons, had asked authorities to tell Electra that he was sorry he had overreacted and that he loved her, the police report said.

The couple has had an on-again-off-again relationship since their marriage last November in Las Vegas.

On April 7, publicist Matt Labov said divorce papers were filed in Los Angeles by Electra, a former star on the TV series "Baywatch" whose real name is Tara Leigh Patrick. The legal status of their marriage remains unclear.

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