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Man slips at Rocky Mountain waterfall, is pulled underwater and dies

Estes Park, Colo. — A 25-year-old Rhode Island man died after falling and being pulled underwater at a waterfall in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park on Sunday, according to the National Park Service.

The man, from Providence, hasn't been publicly identified. His body was recovered Sunday evening, officials said.

Rocky Mountain National Park covers over 400 square miles of rugged mountains and high tundra, typically drawing over 4 million hikers annually.

The deceased man fell at West Creek Falls, on the east side of the park. His body was moved to the Larimer County Coroner, on the northern edge of Colorado, who will determine the cause of death.

At this time of year, rivers, streams and waterfalls are dangerous, cold and swift, the National Park Service said in warning visitors to stay a safe distance from quick-flowing waters.

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