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Rockefeller: Byrd An 'absolute Giant' Of The Senate

Robert Byrd's fellow West Virginia senator praises the outgoing Appropriations Committee chairman.

"Robert C. Byrd is my friend. He is an absolute giant of the Senate – he is a living legend whose 50 years of dedicated and passionate service on the Appropriations Committee has been invaluable to our country and our state," said Sen. John D. Rockefeller IV. 

“Robert C. Byrd’s commitment to West Virginia and to America is awesome and he is one of the most admirable and remarkable statesmen of our time. He has held more leadership positions than any other Senator, he has cast more roll call votes than any other Senator, and he has served in the Senate longer than any other Senator in our nation’s history. He is the conscience of the Senate, the guardian of our Constitution, and to all of us in West Virginia - he is our hero.

“Make no mistake, Senator Byrd will always deliver for West Virginia and his decision to remain the leading member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, even as he steps down as Chairman, will allow him to positively impact our great state. I love fighting for West Virginia with Senator Byrd and I look forward to continuing our work together for many years to come.” 

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