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Rock Star: Supernova

Elimination night for Rock Star. I have to say one thing about elimination nights: Why do they have to stretch them out into one hour? It should be a quick 10 minutes because, let's be honest, all we want to see is who goes home.

They start off the show with Jill giving Zayra and Storm a little ribbing after the show on why they didn't push to play with Gilby. I have to agree a little. Why wouldn't you want to show your stuff with one of the members of the band you want to be a part of? Puzzles me.

Supernova makes an announcement for the rockers who make it past tonight: they're going to Vegas on a private jet to check out The Joint at Hard Rock where one of them is playing on New Years Eve — wow, what a way to start a new year.

OK, encore goes to two people this week because last night was so rocking. First encore is Lukas singing Radiohead, and second encore goes to … drum roll please … Magni singing a Live song. Good choices in my opinion. Both were strong last night, but everyone was on point.

Now it's the bad news — the bottom three consists of Josh, Jill and Ryan. WAIT, RYAN? What are people thinking? He blew it away last week with the piano, come on viewers! Jill sings "RESPECT," I think she does an OK job. Is it enough to beat Josh and overshadow the fact she has been in the bottom three weeks in a row?

Josh is up next and sings "Shooting Star" by Bad Company. He again sings with his guitar and I don't think that's going over to well with the judges considering they told him last night to basically lose the guitar. Ryan rocks out a Depeche Mode song. I can't say a bad word about him because I dig him and his style. I think he blasted this song out of the park, hands down.

Who goes home while everyone else heads to Vegas? Tonight they send BOTH of them home. Holy crap! That's a shocker but I understand needing to make a major cut before Vegas. Good luck to the rest of them. Until next week.