Rock Star: Supernova

So we are down to 10 rockers vying to front the band Supernova.

Dilana the outrageous rocker starts us off with a song by The Who, accompanied by Gilby on guitar. As always, she knocks it out of the park. Her stage presence in uncontrollable and she makes the Supernova boys a believer in the possibility of a girl fronting their band. And is it me or was the song she sang the "CSI" theme song? Way to cross-market CBS, smart.

Out of all the rockers, Jill and Josh just don't seem to have the magic the rest do. Jill just doesn't look the part of a rocker and there is just something missing in Josh's performances. I think they will both be in the bottom three along with the always unpredictable Zayra.

Tonight she came out in a gold jumpsuit, platform shoes and a hat straight out of the Mad Hatters ball. But I really like her performances. They are fresh and unique and I don't think her voice is bad either.

Ryan came on strong — literally — with black eye makeup and a hoodie with some black hairpiece on it singing "Paint It Black," and Storm Large rocked "We are the Champions" like a true champion. These two I think are in it for the long haul.

Magni was great, maybe it helped that his family was in the audience. And Lukas finally ripped out the song "Creep" by Radiohead without sounding like he swallowed a frog. He still reminds me more of an alternative rocker than a Supernova rocker.

Toby closed out the show with The Talking Heads' "Burning Down the House." Loved it and love him! Despite Dave's comments, I loved the megaphone.

My predictions for bottom three: Jill, Josh and Patrice. I haven't even mentioned Patrice because I felt her performance tonight along with the Muppet hairdo didn't cut it. We'll see!