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Rock band singer arrested after baggage carousel joyride

DENVER - The lead singer of the alternative rock band Puddle of Mudd found himself behind bars recently, after he allegedly took a little spin on a baggage carousel at the airport, reports CBS Denver.

According to police, Wes Scantlin was arrested Friday, Jan. 16 after he allegedly climbed onto the over-sized baggage carousel at Denver International and rode it into a secure area.

Scantlin is under investigation for trespassing and charges are pending, according to the station.

The band was in town for a concert at Casselman's Bar and Venue in Denver.

The band's promoter complained about the arrest on Facebook and announced to fans the show would begin late because of his arrest.

"So if you haven't heard yet Wes the lead signer from Puddle Of Mudd decided to take a joy ride on the carousel at the airport this morning thru restricted access and got arrested," the Facebook post said, according to CBS Denver. "We have been on this all day and he is just about to be release(d) from Jail and will head straight to the venue. The show will go on but that is why we are running late."

Music news website reported Scantlin was bailed out of jail by a fan.

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