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Robbie Robertson Goes Home

For 30 years, Robbie Robertson has been making powerful music. First as a member of the seminal group The Band, and then on his own, Robertson has gone his own way. On his latest album, he decided to go back to his roots. Having grown up listening to Native American music, Robertson, whose mother is Mohawk, left it behind to play rock and roll. With 'Contact From The Underworld Of Red Boy' he returned to Native American music, while also incorporating contemporary rhythms and melodies.

This Sunday, CBS Sunday Morning profiles Robertson. The correspondent for the story is a musician herself, and a Grammy-winning one at that: Cassandra Wilson.

This week,, in conjunction with CBS Sunday Morning, gives viewers an extra helping of Robertson, Wilson, and Native American music.

Tune in: Sunday, June 21, at 9AM ET/PT. Check local listings.

More Robbie: Outtakes from Robertson's conversations with Cassandra Wilson.

Robertson Sites: Here you'll also find links to pages about Cassandra Wilson and Native American music.

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