Rob Rescues The Cub Scouts

This week's Rob to the Rescue taught The Early Show a thing or two about Boston Rob. Deep in his past, long before he made his mark on "Survivor" and the "Amazing Race," he was a Cub Scout.

So when a call for help came from Pack 101 in Waterville, Ohio, he packed his bags and hit the road.

The call was from Annette Gustafson, who volunteered to be an assistant scout leader for her son's Cub Scout pack. Everything was going very nicely until it came time for the "Craftsman" badge.

"As you know, these boys need to earn 20 badges to earn their 'Arrow of Light' award and cross over into Boy Scouts," she wrote. "While most of my boys have earned 10 to 15 of their badges already, not one has completed his craftsman badge."

Rob's first order of business was to hand out the projects and get the boys started.

"The projects I brought for these guys ranged in all levels of difficulty," he said. "Some were just beads for making necklaces and then they got more complicated. And as the tasks got more difficult, they needed more help."

It was lucky for Rob that he's had some experience with construction, because some of the guys needed lessons in holding a hammer. And when he spotted one boy holding a hammer the wrong way, he was quick with some words of wisdom. "I used to have a boss at work and he told me if I ever held a hammer like this, he would cut the bottom off."

And Annette Gustafson said she's pretty sure that's a lesson this scout will never forget. "I don't think Michael will ever hold a hammer again and not think of Rob," she said.

In the end, Rob's efforts paid off. Not only did the boys enjoy the projects, a week later the Cub Scouts from Pack 101 received their craftsman badges, bringing each of them a step closer to crossing over to the Boy Scouts.

Next on Rob's rescue list: driving lessons for a teenager who just got a learner's permit.