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Roadside Dining, The Healthy Way

For travelers long confined to supersized, calorie-laden, and high-fat meals, now there's help: "Healthy Highways: The Travelers Guide to Healthy Eating."

With this innovative guide from food gurus Nikki and David Goldbeck, travelers are no longer limited to "gas and go" road stops, but instead can make informed choices about where to find healthy snack and meals.

The book features more than 1,900 health-oriented eateries and natural food stores in the 50 states, ranging from drive-through to gourmet.

Nikki and David Goldbeck visited The Early Show to talk about "The Best of America."

Some examples include:

O'Naturals - Healthy Fast Food
Chicago Diner - Healthy Comfort Food
Cafe Flora - Healthy Gourmet Dining
The Cool Café - Healthy Cultural Dining
Whole Foods Market- Healthy Supermarkets

Each Healthy Highways entry includes the address, phone number and hours of operation. In addition, there is a checklist of other features, including dining style (take-out, self serve, wait staff), salad and juice bar, vegetarian/vegan friendly, organic outlook, alcohol availability, and wheelchair access. Listings are also keyed to state maps and include directions from the nearest highway or main road.

Other features are:

  • HH Tripster comments _ Remarks from a growing national network of "agents."
  • Eat it or Not - Food facts to educate and occupy travelers
  • Resources - Quirky roadside attractions, entertainment tips and travelers' aids.
  • Six Healthy Highways' "Rules for the Road."
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