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Road Warriors are Losing Weight

They are thinner and lighter. Not necessarily the road warriors, but their notebook and handheld computers sure are. If you've been carrying around a notebook computer that's a couple of years old, you'll be amazed at some of the new models on the market. At NEC, Vice President of Portable Computing Bob Levin says the popular Versa line has been updated with the Versa SX...

"It's our latest full-featured, lightweight notebook. It's only 1.3 inches in thickness. It starts well under five pounds and has the latest features in the industry. It has a large 14 inch LCD display, which is as big as a 17 inch monitor. It uses a very thin, new technology. It's only about one quarter inch thick for the display which is about the thickness of a pencil."

And the modular bay lets you add a second battery, CD ROM or DVD. Prices start at under three thousand dollars. Want to lose still more weight? A hand-held PC running Windows CE can give you compatibility on the road. NEC's Mike DeNeffe says the new MobilePro 750C is large enough to type on...

"The size is a little bit bigger than some of the CE devices you've seen before but still, under two pounds."

There's a built in modem, a color lcd screen and even an output for a VGA monitor. The price is under 900 dollars.

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