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Road Rage-Related Sites

For those who prefer to do their driving on the information superhighway, where aggressive driving isn't quite as dangerous, the Web has a wealth of information about driving, and driving safely.

Dr. Driving Teaches You Driving Psychology: Created by a psychology professor at the University of Hawaii, this site is a compendium of information on safe driving. It includes a section on the symptoms of road rage, a collection of interviews he's done with the media, hints on how to avoid highway confrontations, and statistics about automobile-related injuries.

The Partnership
for Safe Driving:
This group is dedicated to encouraging polite, relaxed driving habits. Its site has statistics (for example: traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for children and adults age 6 to 28), as well as wrenching personal testimonies from the innocent victims of aggressive driving accidents.

Police arrest an aggressive driver in Virginia as part of a special program to combat the problem.

American Automobile Association Foundation For Traffic Safety: The AAA's crash prevention group has news about research, the full texts of several aggressive driving studies, a list of safe-driving material, (including CD-ROMs), even some quizzes to help you assess whether you're a safe driver.

The National Transportation Safety Board: Known primarily for its work with airplane crashes, the NTSB also investigates other kinds of accidents as well. This site has a list of NTSB studies, all available by mail, and a list of recommendations for making highways safer.

National Highway Transportation Safety Administration: Part of the Federal Department of Transportation, the NHTSA is responsible for reducing traffic accidents and injuries. This site has an enormous amount of information. It offers pages of statistics on traffic fatalities, injuries and accidents, many of them shocking. In 1996, for example, over 41,000 Americans died as a result of automobile accidents, an average of one person every 13 minutes.

Road Rage: This site has facts about the issue, as well as information on how to contact Dr. Nerenberg.

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Written by David Kohn

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