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Rivals Will Clash In "Big Brother 8"

Each year the houseguests on "Big Brother"" encounter a different twist. This year the hit reality show will be taking rivalries to new heights, when some contestants find themselves living under the same roof with their sworn enemies.

"Big Brother" host and The Early Show co-anchor Julie Chen previewed the show's eighth season, which premieres next week.

Executive Producer Alison Grodner described this year's wild plotline: "What's going to happen on opening night [is that] some of the houseguests are going to find out that they will be locked in this house with the last person they'd ever want to see walk through that door," she said.

Another change for "Big Brother" this summer will be the viewers' involvement. A game element called "America's Player" will give the houseguests opportunities to win money if they perform actions desired by those watching at home. For example, a player might be asked to flirt with someone specific or vote someone out of the house.

Photos: "Big Brother 8" House Guests
This year's group of 14 men and women is an eclectic group. Each hope they will leave the "Big Brother" house as the winner and $500,000 richer.

The Houseguests:

  • Amber, 27, a cocktail waitress at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, believes she can weasel her way with anyone. "People just tend to love me. And I'm very charming. And I'm a little weasel and you don't even know it," she said. Amber is separated.
  • Nick, 25, a former professional football player from Kimball, Minn., thinks his charming ways will give him an edge during the competition. He said, "I'm a charmer with the ladies. That's going to play into my benefit with all the ladies in the house." Nick is single.
  • Jen, 23, a bikini model and nanny from Beverly Hills, Calif., says she is also a computer nerd. Jen is single.
  • Dick, 44, a bar manager from Los Angeles, Calif., is the oldest guest in the house. "Evil Dick," as he refers to himself, considers himself a legit competitor because of his ways with women. "Manipulating girls is kind of a way of life for me," he said. Dick is single.
  • Jessica, 21, a college student from Haysville, Kan., is a devoted friend until you cross her. She said, "I'm loyal until you backstab me, and then I'm your worst enemy, so watch out," she warned. Jessica is single.
  • Joe, 23, a receptionist from Chicago, is "over the top," according to Grodner. She added, "And he is smart, and he is evil." Joe, who is 6 feet 4 and single, joked, "What's gay and has two thumbs?" when he pointed to himself during the guest introductions.
  • Kail, 37, a business owner from McKenzie Bridge, Ore., is married and a mother. Grodner said, "She is probably more conservative than some of the people that we've had on our show before, which I think is very interesting."
  • Jameka, 28, a school counselor from Waldorf, Md., isn't participating in "Big Brother" solely to win the grand prize. She said, "I have been around black people the majority of my life, 99 percent. So it'll be interesting." Jameka is single.
  • Eric, 27, a talent management assistant from New York, will lull his housemates into becoming his friends and then backstab some of them. He said, "I have a charisma that will rally people behind me. And when I start cutting people's throats, they'll never see it coming." Eric is single.
  • Zach, 30, a graphic designer from Burbank, Calif., is originally from Tallahassee, Fla., and attended Florida State University. He is single.
  • Danielle, 20, a Hooters waitress from Huntington Beach, Calif., is single.
  • Mike, 26, a painting contractor from Three Lakes, Wis., is single.
  • Dustin, 22, a salesman from Chicago, thinks his occupation will aid him on "Big Brother." He said, "I am a salesman. So I'm pretty good at selling things. Including myself. To complete strangers." Dustin is single.
  • Carol, 21, a student from Lawrence, Kan., is single.