"Risking a Catastrophe": Pa. woman upset with train whistle parked car on tracks

David McNew/Getty Images
(CBS/AP) MONONGAHELA, Pa. - It can be tough growing up on the wrong side of the tracks. But it's probably even more dangerous to park your car right in the middle of tracks.

Police in southwestern Pennsylvania say that's what one woman recently did, claiming she's fed up with the sound of the train whistle constantly blowing through town.

Monongahela police Chief Brian Tempest tells the (Washington) Observer-Reporter that 42-year-old Bridgett Dixon was "sick and tired of hearing the horn blowing" though, he noted, "she doesn't even live that close to the tracks."

The chief added that when Dixon left her car on the tracks last Friday night, she was also drunk and disorderly.

Police found her car parked on the tracks - driver's door open and no keys in the ignition - about 11:30 Friday night. This, after responding to a report of a woman screaming in a convenience store that her car was stuck on the tracks.

If you're tracking her case...Dixon faces a preliminary hearing March 26 on charges including risking a catastrophe.