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RIP: TV Shows of Fall 2006

RIP: TV Shows of Fall 2006

When a TV show dies, the hopes and dreams of a slew of actors and producers are buried right along with it. Here, the Fall 2006 TV shows that have a plot in TV's graveyard.

"Smith," the CBS show about an expert thief (Ray Liotta) masquerading as an everyday family man, didn't inspire audiences this season. Even with it's all-star cast — Virginia Madsen ("Sideways") played Liotta's wife — the drama was axed after just three episodes.

"Runaway," something about Donnie Wahlberg playing a regular guy on the run with his family after being convicted of a murder he didn't commit, didn't catch on with viewers this fall. It was killed after just four weeks on the air.

"Justice," Jerry Bruckheimer's drama that took a behind-the-scenes look at high profile cases tried in L.A., failed to catch on, even though it aired in two different time slots and starred "Alias" alum Victor Garber. It was subsequently pulled from FOX's schedule. Word on the street is that the drama will return in December, though no dates have been released.

"3lbs," CBS canceled the medical drama "3 lbs," starring Stanley Tucci as a gruff neurosurgeon and Mark Feuerstein as his protégé, after just three low-rated airings. It replaced the Ray Liotta drama "Smith," which was also canceled after three episodes. Things always happen in threes.

"The Nine," JABC has taken "The Nine" off the schedule but says it will return at a later date. The drama comes from the creator of CBS' "Without A Trace" and the executive producer of "The West Wing." It is about a 52-hour hostage crisis that connects a group of people forever.

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