Rihanna's plane hits "turbulence" on its 7-city tour

While in London Nov. 19, Rihanna switched on the Christmas lights at Westfield Stratford City.
Tim Whitby/Getty Images

It's been a bumpy ride for 250 bloggers, reporters and fans flying with Rihanna on her 777 Tour.

After five shows in five days with two more still to go, the exhausted journalists are cranky about their lack of access to the pop diva, according to reports in People magazine and theBritish tabloids.

The concept of the tour, which kicked off Wednesday, was to put journalists and some fans on a tricked-out Boeing 777 for seven shows in seven cities in seven days to celebrate the Nov. 19 release of her album "Unapologetic". Many reportedly signed on for the mile-high adventure to gain easy access to the singer. According to online reports and Tweets from passengers, Rihanna has been a no-show in the press area and hunger, sleepiness and long delays on the tarmac are taking their toll on passengers.

An Australian cameraman doffed his clothes on day five and began to streak up and down the aisles. This led to chanting among the passengers, who included reporters from MTV, Fuse, VH1 and Rolling Stone. "Occupy 777" and "just one quote" were among the phrases sung.

Def Jam, the record label that sponsored the tour, has yet to comment publicly on the unrest. The tour is to end in New York on Wednesday.