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Riding The Scary 'Mummy' Coaster

There are movies based on rides, rides based on movies, and now, the new Revenge of the Mummy attraction at Universal Orlando is a little bit of both. It's designed to be frightening, but it takes a lot more than a little theme park ride to scare The Early Show' Dave Price, or so he thought.

In "The Mummy" and its sequel, the hero was always close to disaster: giant sandstorms, swarming bugs, and evil villains. That's the idea behind the Revenge Of The Mummy ride.

"Mummy" star Brendan Fraser says both the ride and the film are on par when it comes to comparing how scary they are.

Talking about the ride, he says, "You really don't know what's going to happen next except you're getting sucked into this vortex of…"

Scared enough by Fraser description, Price interrupted, asking him to stop. So for the ride, Fraser volunteered to come along so Price wouldn't have to do it on his own.

Before you get to the actual ride, you have to pass down a series of corridors that get darker and scarier with each step.

Arnold Vosloo brought "The Mummy" to life on screen. He's much less evil in person, said Price, but he changed his mind after Vosloo caught Price off-guard and scared him.

The ride is designed to play on all of your fears. It only lasts four minutes. Once it was over, Price spent the next 15 minutes kissing the ground.

A second Revenge Of The Mummy ride will open in California next month.

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