Richard Sherman spoofs sideline rant in video with Michelle Obama

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman took some heat earlier this year for the intense sideline rant he delivered right after he sealed the victory for his team with an interception at the end of January's NFC Championship Game. Now he's using the incident to help first lady Michelle Obama promote healthy eating.

In a video in which Obama plays the "sideline reporter," Sherman boasts about the sophisticated meal he's cooked.

"We're the best chefs in the game!" Sherman says, mimicking the rant he gave to Fox Sports reporter Erin Andrews after the win over the San Francisco 49ers that propelled Seattle to the Super Bowl. "When you try us with an easy meal like salmon cakes and succotash, that's the result you're gonna get!"

Sherman, along with this teammates Russell Wilson and Earl Thomas, shot the video with the first lady last week, when the Seahawks were at the White House to celebrate their Super Bowl Championship. The video is part of Obama's "Let's Move" initiative, which is aiming to improve children's health.

"Whether you're a pro athlete or just a kid in school wanting a healthy meal, you've got to put the right fuel in your body in order to perform at your best," Sherman tells the first lady.

The video then shows Wilson and Thomas eating the salmon cakes, when Sherman runs through the scene and intercepts a water bottle thrown to his colleagues.