Rhonda Barrymore: Skin-Care Guru

I've known Rhonda for 20 years, ever since she was my make-up artist at CNN. She has her own makeup line of great, healthy products for your skin, with no chemicals -- great for these hot summer months, which can wreak havoc on your skin. Rhonda's her own best advertisement, because she's a grandmother in her 50s, who looks like she's about 35!

I asked Rhonda to share what inspires her.

(CBS/Rhonda Barrymore)
Living life to the best of my ability is very important to me. My core beliefs are that my abilities are limitless, my intentions are honorable, that I love to help inspire myself and others, and that sustaining a cheerful attitude about life and the universe provides the most wonderful backdrop for a gorgeous life.

I am very grateful for my own tried and true knowledge of mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing that I have acquired on my own and through the wisdom, friendship, love and support from many others who also teach, help and inspire me. Helping other women realize their own authentic desires and goals, through my Web site, gives me even more enthusiasm for life. — Rhonda Barrymore