"Revenge of the Nerds" rap video reunites cast of "Better Off Ted"

(CBS) - Did you ever watch the show "Better Off Ted"? If you didn't, then shame on you - an excellent show cancelled before its time. Well, either way, the cast have reunited to star in a rap video by cast member Malcolm "Verbal" Barrett that is definitely worth checking out. Give it a listen.

Solid lyrics, smooth beat and a theme many of us can identify with. What's that?   You don't identity with the theme?  Just me?  This is high school all over again...

Okay, deep breath, back to the review.  Add in the fact that rapper/actor Malcolm "Verbal" Barrett is a really nice guy (I can attest to that, as we sat at the same table together during a wedding not too long ago) and the nostalgia from seeing the cast of "Better Off Ted" come together to show their support, and I think you might have a viral video on your hands.