Return To Sender

The Internal Revenue Service admits making a mistake with numbers.

CBS News correspondent Dan Raviv reports that the IRS is blaming a printing contractor for an error that taxpayers can't even see.

The bar code on the stick-on return address label gives the taxpayer's zip code instead of the IRS service center's zip code. This is on about a million Form 1040 packages the IRS sent out.

As a result, some IRS returns may come right back to the taxpayers.

The IRS is having the outside contractor send out new sticky labels. In the meantime some advice is given to taxpayers who may run into this problem: if your return is 'returned' to you, mail the package again, crossing out the bar code.

Best of all, the IRS says there will be no penalty for late returns, as long as the original postmark was by the well-known April 15th date.