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Retired Rep. Bob Brady plans on smoking pot after leaving Congress

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"Sin industries" to watch in 2019 06:17

For some, retirement provides the opportunity to try new things and have new experiences. For retired Rep. Bob Brady, D-Penn., leaving Congress will finally give him the chance to smoke marijuana.

When asked by the Philadelphia Inquirer in December what he planned to do after ending his 20-year career in Congress, Brady said that he had never smoked marijuana in his life, and that he wondered if it was legal yet in Pennsylvania.

"I'm gonna do it," Brady said. "And I ain't gonna wait for the law. I could care less."

The Inquirer followed up with Brady this week, asking if he still harbored the dream of engaging in a little reefer madness. Brady said that he would but now says he'll wait until it is legal in the state. Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf has said that the state needs to "take a serious look" at the issue, but the Republican-controlled General Assembly is unlikely to approve legalization any time soon.

According to the Inquirer, Brady told the students in the Organizational Dynamics class he taught at the University of Pennsylvania that he had never smoked marijuana but planned to try it. A student offered him three joints after class, which he declined.

Brady was firm in his desire to smoke marijuana, not ingest it via edibles.

"I want the smell, I want to pass the joint, I want the laughing bag. I want all that s---," he said. "I don't need a godd--n strawberry." However, he isn't in too much of a hurry to get high. It is not clear what he meant by "laughing bag." According to Wikileaf, a strawberry marijuana strain offers "tons of flavor and a smooth and happy high."

"I've waited this long already, might as well wait until it's legal," Brady told the Inquirer. "Maybe I'll smoke with you."

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