Restaurant diners knocked from chairs as snowplow shatters windows

A New York City snowplow knocked restaurant diners from their seats
CBS News

NEW YORK – Diners at a New York restaurant were knocked from their chairs when a snowplow sent a garbage can through a window.

Dramatic video from CBS New York captures the mayhem as the front windows of the E.X.O. restaurant in Queens explode last week.

"I looked up, saw things flying, thought someone hit us with a car," the restaurant's manager, Angela Maimon said. 


Four people were injured as snow, ice and debris came through the shattered panes. They were taken to the hospital with cuts and bruises.

Maimon said that one woman who appeared to be thrown in the video should be okay.

"I think she was more in shock," Maimon said. "She’s going to be okay."

A New York City snowplow drove away, and  the Department of Sanitation told CBS New York that it is taking disciplinary action against the operators.