Request Denied: No Cheerios for jailed Maryland county executive; no bananas, skim milk or OJ, either

In this photo taken June 15, 2011, a spoonful of Honey Nut Cheerios is shown in Pembroke, N.Y.
AP Photo/David Duprey
Former Maryland county executive John Leopold isn't getting any special treatment while he serves 30 days in jail for misconduct.
CBS Baltimore

(CBS/AP) ANNAPOLIS, Md. - John Leopold, a former Maryland county executive doing time for misconduct, has made special requests for Cheerios, skim milk, bananas and orange juice.

Jail officials say those and other requests have been denied.

The superintendent of the county's detention facilities, Terry Kokolis, said in a statement Monday that Leopold "has burdened staff with multiple special requests and needs that have not and will not be provided."

Leopold, a former Anne Arundel County Executive, is serving 30 days in jail. Authorities said that, among other things, he forced members of his security detail to perform campaign work and had another county employee empty his urinary catheter bag.

The Capital of Annapolis newspaper reports Leopold also asked for his electric shaver and dental floss. Those requests also were denied.