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Republicans shower Obama with fake birthday gifts

The RNC sent this gag cake to the DNC for President Obama's birthday. Sean Spicer, RNC/Twitter

(CBS News) As he hit the golf course at Joint Base Andrews for his 104th round since being elected, President Obama wasn't the only one taking swings on his 51st birthday Saturday.

"Happy Birthday, Mr. President. You Didn't Bake This," read frosted blue and yellow words on a cake bearing the president's face, delivered to the Democratic National Committee headquarters by its Republican counterpart Friday - a reference to Mr. Obama's now-famous "you didn't build that" line, which Republicans have seized on.

After responding with a photo of DNC staffers holding a sign next to the cake that read, "Mitt Romney's approach to the middle class: Let them eat cake," DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse sent a message on Twitter to RNC communications director Sean Spicer, "looks like you have too much time on your hands." Spicer quipped back, "Wish i had enough to play a round of golf - or 10."

The DNC responded with this photo after the RNC delivered to its headquarters a gag birthday cake for President Obama. DNC/Twitter,Brad Woodhouse

The tennis match continued. Drawing from this weekend's RNC messaging memo, which alleged lobbyists had been meeting with Obama staffers at a Caribou Coffee to avoid having their names recorded on White House logs, Spicer wrote on Twitter, "Maybe it would have been better to get some pastry from Caribou Coffee - WH staff loves that place." Recalling a Romney gaffe in April when the presumptive GOP nominee told a local bakery its cookies looked like something from 7/11, Woodhouse retorted, "maybe we could have gotten it from the bakery @MittRomney insulted."

Cake wasn't the only birthday "gift" Republicans offered the president on his special day. Earlier this week, the RNC blasted out a website called "Barack's Birthday Cards," where its supporters could select e-cards with gag messages featuring famous Obama backers like George Clooney. One card "from Solyndra" read: "You gave us half a billion taxpayer dollars and all you got was this stupid card."

But it wasn't all birthday gags and puns for the president. On Saturday morning, first lady Michelle Obama sent around a "last call" for supporters to sign a real card for Mr. Obama. And on Thursday, a Winter Park, Fla., crowd sang "Happy Birthday" to him during a campaign stop.

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