Republicans Need More Crist And Less Limbaugh, Cheney And Palin

By Bonnie Erbe, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

The GOP needs more Charlie Crists, fewer Rush Limbaughs, Dick Cheneys and Sarah Palins as it seeks, phoenix-like, to rise from the funeral pyre.

Crist has agreed to do the party a major favor and run for the Senate, instead of for reelection as Florida governor. As CNN reports:

The Senator from Texas and chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee on Tuesday reeled in a big catch as popular Republican Florida Gov. Charlie Crist announced he'll forgo a re-election bid and instead run for the seat being vacated by retiring Republican Sen. Mel Martinez.

Crist is a moderate, a tree-hugger (by Republican standards, anyway) and supports civil rights, unlike high-profile members of the Bush administration (Cheney et. al.) who seem to revel in trashing them. From Time:

Crist is a peppy populist who has bucked his party on the environment, civil rights and the stimulus bill.

Go, Charlie! You're just what the party needs to start reopening the doors of the big tent.

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By Bonnie Erbe