Republicans Have A Bit More Fun, Ritz Tells Us

When it comes to picking a president, it's not just about experience and competence. Ritz Crackers tells us that fun also plays a role. In fact, their new Ritz Cracker "Fun-alysis," provided to Whispers, finds that 74 percent of 1,000 people polled say that the ability to have fun is an important quality in a presidential candidate. Rudy Giuliani tops the fun charts on the Republican side at 39 percent, while Sen. Barack Obama is Mr. Giggles on the Democratic side at 35 percent. For Democrats, Sen. Hillary Clinton is second at 27 percent followed by John Edwards at 19 percent. After Rudy on the GOP side, the fun quotient sinks, with Fred Thompson at 16 percent, Sen. John McCain at 14 percent, and Mitt Romney a cellar-dweller at 7 percent. There's more: Hillary was the pick at 33 percent among Democratic women. And 42 percent of Republicans say they have "a lot of fun" every day, compared with just 35 percent of Democrats. Oh, the reason for the poll? Ritz is launching an "Open for Fun" campaign to promote its crackers.

By Paul Bedard