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Republican Touts Democratic Support

Two Democrats nominated Republican Rep. Marilyn Musgrave for reelection Friday at a GOP nominating convention in the Denver suburbs - another stark sign that members of the minority are working overtime this year to distance themselves from their tarnished party.

One of the Democrats even told the predominantly Republican crowd in Westminster, Colo., that she plans to vote Obama-Musgrave in November, a spokesman for the congresswoman said. Jean Murrel, the Democrat who plans to split her ballot between Musgrave and the Democratic senator from Illinois, told the GOP faithful that she favors the Republican congresswoman for her work helping veterans.

Musgrave spokesman Joseph Brettell said the nominating speeches were "a good opportunity to show voters the bipartisan work Marilyn has done over the years," citing her support for the Farm Bill and improved health coverage for members of the military despite White House opposition.

But it was a Republican who brought the house down at the GOP nominating convention: 9-year-old Kelsey Reese, who reminisced about her first Musgrave campaign - when she was three (and being a Republican was still cool).