Area outside GOP convention percolates with capitalism

Not even the most dedicated delegates can spend an entire day in the arena watching speeches.

Outside, they spend some down time and more importantly, their money, reports CBS News correspondent Mo Rocca.

Euclid Avenue runs right through the heart of the convention and you can feel the energy. This part of town is positively percolating with capitalism - buttons, bumper stickers, bobble heads, t-shirts and more.

CBS News

There is even some leftover merchandise from the first Republican Convention in Cleveland in 1924.

"I don't want to embarrass you, but I think there's a typo on it," Rocca said, pointing out a misspelling of Chris Christie's name on a button.

CBS News

"Yeah, there's probably a typo on there. I have the worst keyboard on the planet," the vendor said.

One vendor was selling a book called, "Go Trump, Beat Crooked Hillary" - a book he said was for adults.

"Trump is honest, successful and strong, but crooked Hillary leaves a trail of scandal miles long," the vendor read a line from the book.

But just steps away from Euclid, it's pretty quiet. With so many areas fenced off from security, a whole lot of businesses just shut down for the week.

But one business - "On Point Hair & Nail Salon - chose to stay open. They're not seeing too much action, but they have plenty of makeover ideas for Republican nominee Donald Trump should he ever pay a visit.

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"Oh my God, what wouldn't I do? I don't know, I got so many ideas. That comb-over first of all, I want to get rid of that comb-over. I'm gonna cut it right off. It's going to take me a while but I'm gonna do it. I would give him the greatest haircut ever," said salon owner Pecola Pointer.

"When you heard that the Republican National Convention was coming to Cleveland, did you think this is going to be big business?" Rocca asked.

"I absolutely did," Pointer said. "And I'm absolutely waiting."

"Well who knows? Things could look up soon," Rocca said.

"I hope so. I'm hoping so," Pointer said.

And things did - Rocca paid a visit with another vendor for a mani-pedi.

"Sometimes, Terry you just need a break, right?" Rocca asked.

"Yeah, after being on your feet all day, you just need a break," said the vendor.

The vendors will be selling all weekend. Aside from all the convention merchandise, there are also other things to explore in Cleveland, including the art museum with free admission and one of the best symphony orchestras in the nation.